Line Busch (b. 1979) is a Danish visual artist. Her work takes form as persistent and repetitive examinations of transformation and optical illusions. A fascination with change, color, reflection and perspective culminates through physical disruptions in the surface of painted canvasses. The canvas frame with fixed twisted canvas cuts and acrylic paint in soft gradients or strong color surfaces is a recurrent format for her investigations of form and perception. The manual work of the hand performed when cutting the canvas entails errors and deviations in the otherwise systematic fixation of color and materials. Her abstract paintings thus appear methodical, precise, responsive, and unpredictable.

Her work with how color can convey movement and transformation carry a phenomenological aspect as it is not only constricted to the actual frame but expands into the exhibition room itself: optical illusions initiate a dance between subject and object as the viewer's curiosity is piqued and induces bodily movement to perceive each work's changes in color and form.

Busch's practice expands from abstract paintings, aluminum wall works, paint and canvas to ceramic sculptures. The sculptural objects, rigid but slightly curving, share the paintings' tactility and the theme of horizontal refractions and vertical lines but in a new rhythm.


Annika Nuttall Gallery (DK)
Mini Galerie (NL)
Galerie Robertson Ares (CA)


Selected solo exhibitions: 
2023 Horizon, Galleri Benoni, Copenhagen
2022 Transitions 02, Mini Galerie, at Kevn, Kelderman en Van Noort, Eindhoven NL
2022 Magic, Annika Nuttall Gallery, Aarhus DK

Selected group exhibitions:
2023 Galerie Robertson Ares, Canada
2023 Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen
2022 Works on view, Galleri Benoni, Copenhagen
 Enter Art Fair, Annika Nuttall Gallery, Copenhagen
2022 Art Herning, Annika Nuttall Gallery
2021 Kunstsalonen, CopenhagenArt Rotterdam, Mini Galerie, Amsterdam NL
2020 Transitions, Mini Galerie, Amsterdam NL
2019 Kunstsalonen, Copenhagen & Aarhus  Oblique Strategies, Co_Temporary, Copenhagen 
2018 Cosmic Debric, VSOP Projects, Greenport New York  Kunstsalonen, Copenhagen
2017 Tendency II Nordic Noir, Rendezvous Artspace at Kvit Gallery
2017 Shape and Interaction, KH7, Aarhus
2017 We are the ones doing works on canvas VOL. 1, Carlsberg Byens Galleri & Kunstsalon
2017 Monochrome — Texture — Reflections, Collaboration with Nicolò Baraggioli
The Inaugural Exhibition, VSOP Projects, Greenport New York 
The Tactile, Rethinking Matter, Godsbanen, Aarhus 
2016 50X50X50, Kastrupgaard Museum, Copenhagen
2015 Summertime 15, Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen 
TakeTurns, Collaboration with Andrew Macdonald 
2014 The Unpretentious Show, Galleri Benoni, Copenhagen

2013 Censored Exhibition, Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum, Tistrup 
2012 Summertime 14, Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen 
2012 En sidste tur gennem byen, Galleri Benoni, Copenhagen

2012 Untitled, Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg
2012 Reality Loop, Vest Art studio, Aarhus 

2012 Visuel Haiku, Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon, Videbæk
2012 Censored exhibition, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus
2012 Hip to be Square, Solo exhibition, Lunchmoney Gallery, Aarhus 
2011 Censored exhibition, Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum, Tistrup
2010 Educated from Aarhus Art Academy